Institute for North Korean Studies

Welcome Friends and Sponsors of the Institute for North Korean Studies

The University of Detroit Mercy established a non-partisan, non-proprietary research center on North Korea within its College of Business Administration in April 2004. This center, the Institute for North Korean Studies (INKS), is the first research center in the United States or Europe focused exclusively on North Korea.

North Korea has recently gained significant attention in world affairs from a political, social, economic and cultural standpoint. There are many opportunities for improved understanding of this secretive nation, and the INKS will be able to address these opportunities in a unique way through the lens of focused research, analysis and information dissemination.

INKS News:

The objectives of the INK are to:

  • Publish North Korean Review (NKR). In 2004, INKS and McFarland founded this international and interdisciplinary NKR to publish policy-oriented articles, short papers, commentaries, and cases on all aspects of North Korea. The March 2006 issue of Library Journal states, "NKR is the first of its kind and belongs in most university libraries." Questions? Visit
  • Organize Seminars on North Korea. In corporation with its partners, INKS began organizing seminars, conferences, and academic sessions on North Korea in 2005.
    • The United States and the Two Koreas
    • North Korea—Economic Perspectives and International Cooperation
    • North Korean Economy at a Crossroads
    • Roundtable: The Nuclearization of North Korea
    • The 9th World Knowledge Forum: Pyongyang University of Science & Technology
    • College Student Essay Contest on North Korea
    • Teaching Politics and Society of North Korea
    • International Symposium about North Korea’s Economy and Fisheries in Rome
The INKS invites your participation in this endeavor. If you are interested in the activities of this new research center, we invite you to contact us with your ideas. We also encourage you to support our work through financial gifts, proposals for joint seminars and academic sessions, article contributions to North Korean Review, proposals for research monographs, and others. 

Staff members at the INKS and McFarland Publishers would like to express our appreciation to the following organizations for a variety of their supports:

  • The Academy of Korean Studies (financial gifts)
  • The Bank of Korea (research fellowship and data collection)
  • The Christian Association for Medical Mission (financial gifts)
  • GS Holdings (financial gifts)
  • Hanns Seidel Foundation - Seoul Office (joint seminars and data collection)
  • The Institute for Far Eastern Studies (research fellowship and data collection)
  • The Kaesong Industrial District Management Committee (data collection)
  • The Korea Foundation (a book grant)
  • The Korea Economic Institute of America (joint seminar and data collection)
  • The Korea Times (public relations)
  • The Mail Business Newspaper (public relations)
  • New Seoul Garden Restaurant (financial gifts)
  • Lim Kwang Engineering and Construction Co. (financial gifts)
  • The U.S. Embassy in South Korea (arrangements of lectures on North Korea)
  • Windsong Radiology Group (financial gifts)