CBA Academic Programs

The College of Business Administration offers various academic degree programs for students who wish to pursue a professional education in business and related disciplines.

All classes are held on the McNichols Campus and are available during the day, as well as in an evening and weekend format.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Scholarships

Applicants to the College of Business Administration who score 30 or higher on the ACT, have a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher, and demonstrate significant community service or leadership are eligible for our renewable Commerce Scholarship, worth $25,000 per year.  Commerce Scholarship recipients are also eligible for our 5-year BS/MBa program. A resume is required and an on-campus interview is strongly recommended.

Graduate Scholarships

If you scored 600 or better on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), you qualify for a half-tuition scholarship for the MBA program at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Please contact Carrol Parris (313) 993-1203 for more information.

Undergraduate Study Learning Goals

Graduate Study Learning Goals


This university has an excellent staff of professors that care very deeply about the advancement of their students.  I graduated from the MBA program this year and I would like to say that in terms of real-world problems and support this was the best university I attended.  …I would rate UDM as top-tier in terms of its Business School.

--Vincent Lyons

The University of Detroit Mercy’s programs place a greater emphasis on career development and skills that can be transferred over to the workplace than other comparable institutions.  In my time there, I witnessed the University teach its students many of the soft skills needed to obtain a job after they received their degree, in addition to the hands-on skills that make students stand out to potential employers.  For example, the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering require their students to do a certain number of internships/co-ops before they graduate; these experiences are extremely helpful.

--Nicole Fitch

Once I got my MBA, I left Stroh Brewery Company and spent 15 years with Mars, Inc. utilizing my acquired knowledge to help build a wonderful career and life.  The experience and knowledge …helped me do projects throughout Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico for AID Projects.  Thanks, University of Detroit Mercy, for giving me the tools to help many, many great businessmen acquire …knowledge and skills and utilize them for trade with the USA and the world.

--Robert Ginsberg

I received my BS degree and my MBA from UDM.  The education I received was excellent and prepared me for a very successful career in business.  In addition, my studies and discipline acquired at UDM prepared me to further my education by attaining my Ph.D. …I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent professors and teaching staff at the University.  The diversity of the student population also prepared me for the real world…. The university goes out of its way to keep in touch with us.  We have received a great education from the university and many blessings, and we try to return same to them by annually contributing financially to assist the current student population via our donations.  God bless.

--William Wade