Graduate Certificate in Finance

FinanceThe UDM Certificate in Finance consists of an integrated sequence of courses that gives students a broad and thorough foundation in financial analysis and management. This professional certificate is ideal if you are interested in becoming a financial professional who will lead your organization's efforts to raise capital, invest funds, generate returns, and manage assets.
  •  This professional certificate is based on the concept that analytical and practical tools are fundamental to preparing effective financial managers or analysts.
  • This certificate is also designed to give students in-depth knowledge of business ethics in the context of financial decisions.

UDM was among the first to see the importance of ethics in the business world. In a business climate inflamed by recent corporate scandals, employers seek ethical decision makers to lead their organizations. A focus of the certificate is the ethical responsibilities of corporate executives, directors, officers, managers, financial intermediaries, analysts, and employees at all levels.

The Graduate Certificate in Finance is now available at the University Center in Harper Woods!

Come to UDM to join the experts in the rising field of finance.

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