5-Year BSBA/MBA Program

Since Fall 2009, the College of Business Administration has admitted qualified students into a five-year integrated program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BSBA) as well as a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

This program is designed for high-achieving, goal-oriented students who have decided to complete an MBA as part of their professional education and wish to minimize the time and expense of doing so.

Program Features

  • The program provides challenging academic coursework that prepares students for successful business careers.
  • All pre-core requirements for the MBA are waived, eliminating 18 credit hours; there is no entrance exam or other special requirements for entering the graduate phase of the program.
  • The program includes appropriate work experience in preparation for the MBA Program. Students must complete a minimum of two cooperative education assignments (i.e. internships.) One of these must be a graduate internship completed between the fourth and fifth year.
  • A mentor from the business community will assist and guide each student in career planning and development. This mentoring will supplement the academic advising provided by the College of Business Administration and the many services provided by the University's Career Education Center.